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Beatriz N, Staff Counsel III

"Thank you so much for your work.  You're unsurpassed in your field." 

Costa Mesa, CA


Deborah N., Litigation Specialist

"Thank you for another great job locating our insured.  Your report was entertaining."

Sacramento, CA


James B., Esq.

"Brilliant work!  Many thanks."

San Mateo, CA


Andy L., Esq.

"This is just outstanding work.  I had just about given up on finding these three, and now it turns out they may be the most critical defense witnesses in the case and out of the entire state of California you found them."

San Jose, CA


Andy L, Esq.

"You deliver the best product I have ever seen and you keep elevating the quality of the product."

San Jose, CA


Cesar R., Litigation Specialist

"Thank you for finding the status of this company and so quickly.  I am truly amazed!"

Fresno, CA


Anna P., Esq.

"We settled this case and so anything left to do please cease.  Send your final bill. It settled for zero so thanks for your help.  I believe your work was why."

San Jose, CA


Andy L., Esq.

"Thank you very much for the fine work.  I'm not surprised you encountered witness fatigue given the number of parties and energy being invested in this case.  I can tell from some of the depositions that some of your colleagues in this business lack your personal skills."

San Jose, CA


Bill H., Esq.

"Great job.  There is an old saying, "There are people who watch things happen, there are people who make things happen, and there are people who say . . . what happened".  Sounds like you make things happen."

Livermore, CA


Richard P., Esq.

"This is just outstanding work.  This is the best investigative work and reporting I've had in my practice, period."

San Jose, CA



Andy L., Esq.

"This is more outstanding work.  Thank you very much.  All the effort that goes in to making sure the words are the witness' own are worth every dime and dollar.  It is a very uncomfortable feeling to have a witness describe in deposition efforts an attorney (or attorney's investigator) has made to influence their testimony."

San Jose, CA


Rick W., Esq.

"Prompt, thorough and knowledgeable.  No one is better at getting information from a witness than Marsha.  Her reports are well-written and detailed.  She knows how to think outside of the box and is usually a step ahead of me in working on a case. Her legal background is very helpful in using her to do my investigative work, and she is very "computer savvy"."

Redwood City, CA


Bill R., Esq.

"Your investigative abilities are clearly unsurpassed by others in your field.  And your reports are thorough, concise, and extremely well-written.  I highly recommend your services and look forward to working with you again."

Palo Alto, CA


Mike V.

"In my 30 years in the insurance industry, I have never met any other investigator who holds a candle to you."

Pleasanton, CA